Bone Marrow Luge Shots at Riffle

While Riffle may be best known for cocktails containing fancy cuts of ice, there’s another fun way to imbibe at the Pearl District hot spot, and all it takes is three easy steps.

1) EAT: Order the bone marrow, served here with roasted garlic and a piquant apricot mustard ($15). Make sure to enjoy the meaty interior, spreading the umami-rich marrow on slices of grilled baguette as you wash it down with a refreshing cava-and-rosemary Queen’s Consent cocktail.

2) PREP: After you’ve eaten your fill, turn away from any squeamish or dainty folks and scrape away any remaining marrow with a spoon, creating a mostly-empty half-pipe of bone. Order a shot of fine cognac or Spanish sherry for each in your party.

3) SHOOT: Hold the bone up to your lips, tilted slightly up, and have a friend pour the shot down the sluiceway. Open your mouth to suck in the liquor, now slightly salty and having picked up just enough flavor from the bits of remaining marrow to have the complex flavor of a food and drink pairing all on its own.


This adventure definitely takes two people to do right, and usually at least three, because house rules (according to our local guru on the topic, Bols Genever rep Jacob Grier) demand that if bone marrow luge shots are done, bone marrow luge shots must be photographed.

As bone marrow is a pretty popular dish these days, there are a good number of bars where you can accomplish this feat. If you try it — and we highly recommend you do — take a pic and tweet it to us or post on our Facebook page. We’ll publish a roundup of all your photos so you can live on forever in bone marrow luge internet fame. Trust us, it’s a great place to be.


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