The Scullery: The EastBurn Supper Club

The Scullery: The EastBurn Supper Club

Located on well-worn party street East Burnside, the EastBurn is well-known for food and drink events. (Prime example: the gut busting Beer Belly Dinners, where chef Joseph Doughtery pairs five courses with five beers from a different brewery each month.) So, when we heard of their new, more intimate supper club, there was no hesitation over snagging a seat.

Unlike the boisterous beer dinners, The Scullery is a more intimate affair, where chef Joe and sous chef Erick Schade put on their own live cooking show complete with three food courses and lessons on two matching cocktails. Each month these two natural entertainers choose a timely theme for their food and drink creations, which so far have included Mardi Gras, St. Paddy's, and the infamous 4/20. The events begin at 7 PM, and extend for around three hours of noshing and sipping fun.

The cozy atmosphere of the former apartment annex, the select number of people, and the complementary wine ensures that even if you go stag you’ll leave with new friends and some new ideas to try in your own kitchen. To add a bit of kooky Portland fun to the mix, the chefs (mostly Erick) encourage dressing up for the theme — but don’t worry, it’s all in good fun and is definitely not required. Due to the limited space make sure to call ahead and reserve your $35 seat.


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