The Best Sunlit Bar Patios in Portland

For a city that rains most of the year, Portland boasts a bizarre amount of outdoor patios; it does help that many are covered and heated. With so many places to drink outdoors, you can always find a regular spot in your neighborhood, but if you’re looking for a new one, here are just a few of our favorites. Let us know where you like to drink in the sun by hitting us up on our Facebook or Twitter.
It was closed, but now it’s back! One of Portland’s oldest and most venerated institutions, this key element of the emergent brewing scene back in the 80’s is still putting out amazing bar food, beer and whiskey pairings, and cocktails. While the inside is beautiful with tufted leather and polished wood, the outside patio is always a hit during the summer months. (204 SE Oak St.; 503-232-8355)
It wasn’t around last year, but this summer is looking to be a busy one for Bit House Saloon’s patio. Along with being one of our favorite bars in the city, Bit House offers full table service, so you never have to go inside and have your eyes adjust while trying to order a drink. (727 SE Grand Ave.; 503-954-3913)
Even in Portland temperatures get up in the summer. Roadside Attraction’s garden, with its dappled light through trees, bushes, and artfully ragtag roofing makes a great sanctuary from the heat. Don’t forget cash, it’s all this bar accepts. (1000 SE 12th Ave.; 503-233-0743)
The patio at this taphouse is packed day and night during the warmer months, but it’s large enough you can usually still find a seat at one of the many long benches. Like Roadside Attraction, this spot is cash only. (1216 SE Division St; 503-273-9227)
Another one of our favorite bars in town, Interurban has a great patio year round, but it’s especially nice in the summer time. Head out to the patio with one of the new cocktails inspired by the Savoy Cocktail Book. (4057 N Mississippi St.; 503-284-6669)
It’s not the biggest, and it’s at a restaurant, not a bar, but it’s a Portland icon, and VQ has only a few months left after 45 years of service. Get in this summer while you can before this landmark closes forever in October. (1220 SW 1st Ave.; 503-227-7342)
St. John’s and other deep North Portland neighborhoods often get overlooked, but there’s still some great spots in these far out locales. If you’re in St. John’s, head to the Fixin’ To for some soul food, a beer & whiskey combo, and patio lounging. (8218 N Lombard St.; 503-477-4995)
Portland’s favorite German bier bar is a party all summer long, as guests and their dogs hang out, watch games on the outdoor TV set, and shatter the liter sized mugs with over-enthusiastic toasts. (4237 N Mississippi Ave.; 503-954-2674)
Not only is it a patio, it’s a patio on the 15th floor of the Nines Hotel, formerly the Meier & Frank building, giving diners and drinkers one of the best views of the city. Drink prices are steep for what you’re getting, but consider it paying for the view. (525 SW Morrison St.; 503-802-5370)
A great lounge on SE Clinton, the Night Light Lounge has a beautiful patio out back, with a latticed, vine and light wrapped fence. Grab a glass of rosé during happy hour and relax outside. Non-smokers might be a bit put-off; smoking is fully allowed out on the patio, and it’s a smaller space. (2100 SE Clinton St.; 503-731-6500)
The Radio Room is a great spot for either a night out drinking or a full dinner. It also has plenty of outdoor seating, including an upper level where you can look out over Alberta Street and the crowds of bar-hoppers. (1101 NE Alberta St.; 503-287-2346)
This sprawling patio still manages to get filled every night as guests cluster around the fire pits or dance to the outdoor DJ’s music. There aren’t too many clubs in Portland with outside dancing. Still, despite its size, White Owl sports a line down the block on weekend nights. (1305 SE 8th Ave.; 503-236-9672)

Photo credits: Produce Row by Brady KennedyInterurban courtesy of Interurban; Departure by Alex Frane


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