11 Portland Bars with Winter-Friendly Patios

11 Portland Bars with Winter-Friendly Patios

Winter has arrived in Portland, with gray skies and months of rain for the foreseeable future. Luckily, Portland is prepared: whether you’re a smoker or just enjoy hanging out outside, there are a number of bars that cater to you, with covered patios, fireplaces, firepits, and heat lamps. Here are some of our favorites. Let us know your top picks on our Facebook or Twitter!

EastBurn: (Pictured above)This restaurant and bar is a popular music venue that often gives back to the Portland community. Outside, their tables each have their own individual firepit to ward off the winter chill. (1800 E Burnside St.; 503-236-2876)

Free House: This new North Portland cocktail bar serves up excellently crafted drinks, as well as great sausages and sandwiches. Outside their patio is covered and heated. (1325 NE Freemont; 503-946-8161)

Holman’s Bar & Grill: Located in the food and bar mecca of 28th and Burnside, Holman’s features a huge, heated patio area. That and their cheap drink specials make this bar a popular hangout all year round. (15 SE 28th St.; 503-231-1093)

Interurban: This stylish North Mississippi hotspot serves classic cocktails, craft beer and excellent pub oriented food. Outside a roaring fireplace keeps customers warm, and the cover keeps them dry. (4057 N Mississippi St.; 503-284-6669)

Liberty Glass: At the other end of Mississippi is this cozy bar built into a large, old house. Out front is a small patio with a fireplace. (938 N Cook St.; 503-517-9931)

Momo’s: This popular joint near the central library caters to both college students and the downtown crowd. With their multiple heated lamps and covers, their patio section is hopping all year round. (725 SW 10th Ave.; 503-478-9600)

Night Light: This comfortable and stylish Clinton street lounge is a popular spot for dates and get-togethers, with a great food menu that includes healthier items than your average bar food. (2100 SE Clinton St.; 503-731-6500)

The Nest: Built in an old, large house, this bar features multiple rooms, a pool table, a ping-pong table, well priced drink specials and a patio with heat lamps and umbrellas. (2715 SE Belmont st.; 503-764-9023)

Pied Cow: Built in an old victorian style house, this cafe and wine bar is a popular spot for people of all ages. While the whole patio is open only during the summer, the heated and covered part is open all year for hookah, mezze platters and dessert. (3244 SE Belmont St.; 503-230-4866)

RonToms: With a fireplace inside and a large, covered, heated patio outside, RonToms is a popular venue and bar for anytime of the year (600 E Burnside St.; 503-236-4536)

Roadside Attraction: Hip and partially hidden from the street, Roadside Attraction features a fire-pit in their plant filled, covered patio. Warning: this bar is cash only! (1000 SE 12th Ave; 503-233-0743)

Photo via EastBurn


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