Bars in Portland Open on Christmas Day

Bars in Portland Open on Christmas Day

It’s mostly quiet around Portland on December 25. Most shops are shuttered, as folks gather with families and loved-ones for feasts and gifts. Even those who don’t celebrate Christmas often take the day off. Sure, there are the standby Chinese restaurants that have found a niche in catering to the holiday crowd, but what else is open, should you want to head out a catch a nip? Check out our list of bars open on Christmas Day, below.

Beulahland (118 NE 28th Ave.; 503-235-2794)
7 PM - 12 AM

Henry's Tavern (10 NW 12th St.; 503-227-5320)
11 AM - 9 PM, serving a limited menu, and a prime rib dinner special. Reservations recommended.

Mock Crest Tavern (3435 N. Lombard St.; 503-283-5014)
9 AM - 2:30 AM, serving a special Christmas dinner

Greeley Avenue Bar and Grill (5421 N. Greeley Ave.; 503-283-0676)
11 AM - 1 PM special pork roast Christmas dinner

The Beermongers (1125 SE Division St.; 503-234-6012)
11 AM - 11 PM

Radio Room (1101 NE Alberta Ave.; 503-287-2346)
9:30 AM - 2 AM, serving special brunch and dinner menus

Roscoe's (8105 SE Stark St.; 503-255-0049)
Opening at 4 PM

Bare Bones Cafe (2900 SE Belmont St.; 503-719-7128)
Open from 9 AM - 6 PM

Bare Bones Bar (2900 SE Belmont St.; 503-719-7128)
Open from 2 PM - 2 AM

Apex (1216 SE Division St.; 503-273-9227)
Opening at 5 PM

The Rialto Pool Room (529 SW 4th Ave.; 503-228-7605)
Opens at 5 PM, and offering happy hour deals until 7 PM

Jinx Kitchen and Lounge (232 NW 12th Ave.; 503-922-0178)
Open from 4 - 10 PM

Spare Room (4830 NE 42nd Ave.; 503-287-5800)
Open and doing karaoke until 2:30 AM



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