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Urban Farmer Launches New Coffee Cocktails

Urban Farmer Launches New Coffee Cocktails

It’s winter and the holidays are over, so evenings need all the perking up they can get. Get your caffeine fix along with boozy goodness at Southwest steakhouse Urban Farmer. Each week throughout the month of January, two different coffee drinks are offered, one hot and one cold.

The offerings were a group effort from Urban Farmer bartenders, and each week focuses on a certain region. This week you’ll find the Averna-Amaretto Italian Stallion (cold) from Europe. Next week it’s a trip south to Mexico for the tequila-spiked Hot Tamale (hot, of course). We’re looking forward to Scottland’s The Gobbler, coming at the end of the month, which includes Dewar’s and Kahlua in the mix. Each drink is just $9. Let us know your favorite when you stop in to the multi-room space for a sip.

Week 1: Europe
The Italian Stallion: Averna, Amaretto, cold press coffee, cream, cinnamon stick, served on the rocks
French Toast: Crème de Cacao, Combier, hot coffee, whipped cream, cocoa powder, orange zest, served in Irish coffee glass

Week 2: Mexico
Tijuana Heart Attack: Cazadores, Grand Marnier cherry, cold press coffee, served up
Hot Tamale: Cazadores, Kahlua, hot coffee, whipped cream, pink peppercorn, served in Irish coffee glass with caramelized chili sugar rim

Week 3: Cuba
The Cuban: Bacardi, Falernum, orange bitters, float of coffee, served on the rocks
Bay of Pigs: Bacardi eight year, Calisaya, maple syrup, fresh cinnamon, hot coffee, frothed milk, bacon garnish

Week 4: Scotland
The Gobbler: Dewar’s, Kahlua, whiskey bitters, cinnamon serum, cold coffee, nutmeg, served on the rocks
Scottish Hen: Drambuie, Kahlua, egg whites, hot coffee, Angostura bitters, served in Irish coffee glass

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